Znaci od danas tko ima listu koju gleda preko SSIPTV aplikacije ,na SAMSUNG televizorima je aplikacija ukinuta i morate ce korisitit SIPTV koja se placa 5,5 eura.

Sluzbena obavijest SSIPTV tima:

Send by SS IPTV:
Dear users!
This june Spanish company Mediapro has blamed SS IPTV for copyright infringement and sent this video as a proof.
Anyone ever used our app understands from the video that playlist showed refers to user own content and it is not distributed with the app.
Unfortunately all our reasons has been ignored and Samsung 'offered' us to solve this problem with copyrighter ourselves removing SS IPTV from the store. We try to resolve the situation but it's not so easy as Mediapro ignores our messages 3 weeks already.
For your part you can make request about this to Samsung Electronics support service.

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