How to install the metal access card reader? look here
To install the Metal RFID Card Reader, we need to understand it first. If you don't know it, you can find the installer to install it. The Metal RFID Card Reader acts as a card reading device and plays an important role in the access control system. Therefore, the correct installation allows the access control system. For better operation, the following describes the installation steps of the Metal RFID Card Reader:
1. First, let's take the installation tutorial of an FC-191 Metal RFID Card Reader as an example. When we got a metal card reader, we unpacked it and took the instructions out for a closer look.
2. According to the installation instructions, remove the bottom screw of the Metal RFID Card Reader, separate the back plate from the main unit, and attach the attached hole sticker to the position to be installed (the position is recommended on the same side of the shoulder height as the access control power supply).
[Image: 63.jpg]
3. Then the Metal RFID Card Reader pastes the hole sticker, and the hole pattern of the installation sticker is punched, and then the metal back plate is mounted on the wall with standard screws.
4. Pass the pre-prepared wires through the holes in the metal backplane and connect them to the Metal RFID Card Reader. The cable installation instructions indicate wiring.
[Image: 64.jpg]
5. After the wiring is completed, nest the metal card reader host into the backplane and pay attention to the smoothness of the line. Then use a standard screw to screw the screw hole under the Metal RFID card reader to complete the installation.
Seeing the above 5 operations is not very simple.

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