nStreamPlayer za smart tv
Ova Aplikacija je namijenjena izrazito za starije samsung smart televizore koji nemaju opcije instaliranuja Smart Iptv i SSIPTV aplikacije na tv

Ovako izgleda

[Image: 2vcjgbn.png]

Installing nStreamPlayer:

1. Create a new user on the TV (except TV 2012. Because the user develop already)
1.1. Press the button on the SMART HUB.
1.2. Press the red button (A).
1.3. Click the "Create Account":
1.4. Enter your username (account samsung): develop
1.5. Enter the new password twice
1.6. Click "Create Account".

2. Log in using an account develop
2.1. Press the button on the SMART HUB.
2.2. Press the red button (A).
2.3. Enter or select from the list of previously created username and password (in the 2012 TV. Password 000000)
2.4. Click Login

3. Download (synchronization) widgets from the server on the Internet
3.1. Click siniyu button (D) or (TOOLS) for models 2012
3.1. Click the last line "Development"
3.2. Click "Setting the IP address" and enter the IP address of the server to download "" or ""
3.3. Click "Synchronize user applications"
3.4. Install the widget.
3.5. Exit the Setup menu and press the red button "A" and leave the user with Develop.
3.6. Now it is important. Exit the Smart-TV necessarily otherwise widgets will not appear.
3.7. Then we go back and go to the end of the list ...

4. Update (synchronization) of widgets:
To update widgets, repeat steps 2 and 3 (paragraph 3.2 vypolnyat not necessary)

What would prescribe a playlist of your ISP run nStreamPlayer
-Click TOOLS (opens 5 playlists).
Among them choose not desired and list the address of your ISP's playlist on the Internet.
-Press the Enter button on the remote.
Exit the Settings button RETURN.

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